Burning Man Convening at Esalen

Sun. Oct 6, 2019 at 5:00pm PDT
All Ages
$550.00 - $3,850.00
All Ages
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$550.00 - $3,850.00
All Ages
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Just as Burning Man events thrive on the power of collaborative efforts we believe that the actualization of positive change emerges when we gather and dream of what’s possible together.

 This year, we invite you to dream big with us at Esalen Institute on October 6 -11th 2019. Burning Man Project, in collaboration with members of our extended communities, is delighted to offer the opportunity to join us as we dive deep into:

  • Principles of Inclusive Stakeholding

  • Creative Communities & Placemaking

  • Radical Collective Impact for Catalytic Neighborhood Development

  • Democracy: are you a spectator? 

  • Creative Catalyst - Collaborative Workshop with Artist Dana Albany

  • Conversations on the Edge (CotE) / Time to Reflect

In line with Burning Man’s mission and the Ten Principles of Burning Man, we’d like to help those seeking to acquire skills and knowledge to transform their lives and the world at large by offering a limited number of scholarships for this gathering. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please fill out the Esalen Scholarship Questionnaire.

It is through the collective stewardship of community that we are able to transform ideas into action. We look forward seeing you in the Fall!


The Principles of Inclusive Stakeholding and the Burning Man Project

Joon Yun

Inclusive Stakeholding (IS) in the principle of managing the interests of all the stakeholders of a system in a way that maximizes value over the long term. The mission of Burning Man Project is to facilitate and extend the culture that has issued from the Burning Man event into the larger world. Therefore, to apply the Inclusive Stakeholding principle to Burning Man Project is to manage the interests of Burning Man stakeholders in a way that best extends Burning Man culture into the larger world over the long term. The range of complex issues where the principles of Inclusive Stakeholding can be applied as a creative art form to help guide the strategic process include: (1) how to use skin in the game to enhance the collective Burning Man camp experience; (2) how to best expand and organize the concentric circles of stakeholders in the Leave No Trace principle; (3) should Burning Man Project act as an incubator fund, as a way for BMP to proportionally grow as its footprint, mission, and responsibilities grow?

Creative Communities and Placemaking

John Marx & Debi von Huene & Maya Zuckerman 

"Creative Communities" offer a chance to extend Burning Man Culture out into the world. This workshop will provide an opportunity for people to interactively study the practicality of building creative civic communities and the potential to create urban cultural vibrancy as a model for the future of cities and how we interact with each other. There are many issues this group can explore, especially how the 10 Principles can apply to a year around environment.

The core of this effort will be exploring the nature of Creative Communities, and how participatory art has the unique ability to create strong bonds thru communal inspiration. We will talk about how to engage with local government, citizen groups, funding sources, museums, developers and educators to direct focus to participatory art as the glue that binds communities together. Activation and placemaking have become the common language of urban planning, but we want to infuse the ideas of communal effort, inclusion, and participation in the creation of new urban spaces in order to enhance a sense of belonging in all aspects of community-building.

Radical Collective Impact for Catalytic Neighborhood Development

Neil Takemoto & Marlon Williams & Monika Proffitt

This is a program designed for scalable organizations and impact investors to co-create a collective impact model for catalytic development, to revitalize neighborhoods that set new standards for co-creation, wellness and community designed to be replicated globally.

The first part of the program focuses on organizations committed to co-creation (bottom up) with an emphasis on community capital, crowdinvesting, fractional ownership, crowdsourcing and emergence systems. This will lead into the second part, integrating organizations that have institutional backgrounds (top down), with an emphasis on impact real estate development, health and wellness, affordable housing, education and economic development. The program is based on removing the false dichotomy of ‘top down vs bottom up’ and establishing a new standard for what a vibrant and healthy community is at the neighborhood scale based on the Real Impact principles of:
1) Projects are primarily designed, governed, and where feasible owned by communities.
2) Investments add more value than they extract.
3) The financial relationship fairly balances risks and returns among all stakeholders.

The objective of the program is to establish a collective impact program of qualified organizations aligned with the ten principles that are ready to partner with municipalities and local communities to radically revitalize their neighborhoods.

Democracy: are you a spectator?

Matthew Kwatinetz & Rosie Lila & Jamie Davies

From BRC to USA how do you interpret and act upon your role as a citizen? Do you use one set of values in one place and a different set in another? Exercising opinions about Power and justice, critical issues in any democracy, imply judgement which burners often seek to avoid - don’t want to kill the buzz man. But is this an abdication of our principle of participation as citizens? Burners are criticized for exercising freedom without taking the responsibility for defending the freedom of others. Are you?

In this session we will explore the personal reflections that each of us wrestle with and determine how we can follow in the footsteps of our history and connect to other freedom movements in small local communities in the US and around the world. Practical tips will be given for getting involved with no previous knowledge or experience required. Let’s change the world.


Creative Catalyst - Collaborative Workshop with Artist Dana Albany

Dana Albany

BURNING MAN ART WORKSHOP: When people talk about Black Rock City, the stunning, large-scale visual art is an inevitable part of the conversation. Unlike most galleries or museums, where art is ‘on display’ and attendees admire it at arm’s length, the art of Burning Man is interactive and made to be engaged with. Collaboration, adaptability, and collective vision are at the center of all successful Black Rock City art pieces and the groups that make them. The process by which art is made is as important as the final result.

In this immersive art-making experience, you have the opportunity to learn new skills from and get your hands dirty with Dana Albany, an experienced Burning Man artist, with the end goal of making an art piece with your fellow participants. Dana will employ her unique gifts, talents, and expertise with your group, allowing for you to fully express your creativity. The piece you and your group make will develop organically, and by the end of the session you’ll have an understanding of how the 10 Principles work together not just in creating art but also in helping human engagement on the scale that continues to cause transformative change at Burning Man and in the world.


Conversations on the Edge (CotE) / A Time to Reflect

This is a special opportunity for participants to experience Burning Man Project at Esalen without taking a workshop. During this unstructured time, participants are invited to attend one of the many Conversations on the Edge talks that will occur throughout the week. Participants are invited to join the daily yoga and movement classes, enjoy the hot springs and massages, time in the meditation center, tea with new friends, or even an evening program, lecture, or open workshop session.

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